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Gum Disease Treatment

Scaling and root planing can be a very successful aid in preventing disease. Research has proven that bacteria from periodontal infections can travel through the blood stream and affect other areas of the body. Sometimes this can cause heart and respiratory disease if the bacteria are not removed. It is also another form of treatment to protect against tooth loss. When gum pockets exceed 3mm in depth, more bacteria are able to colonize, eventually creating a chronic inflammatory response by the body to destroy gingival and bone tissue. This leads to tooth loss. Scaling and root planing may also make the mouth more aesthetically pleasing. It can help reduce bad breath caused by food particles and bacteria. The process of removing this bacterium is minimally painful and anesthetic can be used if necessary.

Tooth Scaling
Specialized dental tools will be used to remove tartar, plaque, bacteria, and infection from the affected teeth and gumline.
Root Planing
After tooth scaling, the roots of your teeth will be smoothened, allowing gums to attach and heal easier.
Surgical Periodontal Therapy
We provide treatment for your gums which include basic tooth scaling to advance procedures like root planning and other periodontal surgeries

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